Fountain, Minnesota

Population: 410
Employees: 1


Operations, Maintenance & Management of Treatment plant

Description of Facilities:

.062 MGD activated sludge facility; Biosolids application


  • Total Nitrogen effluent limits
  • Infiltration, Inflow issues
  • Worked with Engineer, City, and MPCA to meet compliance


  • Worked with Engineer, City, and MPCA to allow changes in treatment to determine best type of upgrade to facility to help save capitol expenses.

Project Summary:

We started this project in 2012 taking care of a .062 MGD Class “B” activated sludge process with pre, and post anoxic chambers, recirculating sand filter and UV disinfection. The waste activated sludge was aerobically treated and land applied. This facility is designed for denitrification to meet strict total nitrogen discharge limits.

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