Clarinda, Iowa

Population: 5,500
Employees: 5


Operations, maintenance and management of treatment plants, distribution and collection system

Description of Facilities:

The water treatment plant is a 2.4 MGD, conventional, grade III surface water treatment plant whose source for raw water is the Nodaway River. The system consists of two (2) 1,500 gpm river pumps that move river water to four (4) pre-sedimentation ponds; three (3) 1,000 gpm pumps equipped with VFD’s that move raw water from the ponds to two (2) solid contact units (SCU’s); four (4) gravity filters that use GAC, filter sand and garnet as media; a 750,000 gallon ground storage reservoir (clear well); and three (3) 1,000 gpm high service pumps that move the water into the distribution system. Backwash is done by an air/water combination with the backwash water going to two (2) holding ponds. Supernatant from the holding ponds is pumped to the pre-sedimentation ponds. Disinfection is accomplished by the addition of sodium hypochlorite; caustic soda is added for pH adjustment and fluoride is also added. In addition, the plant can use chloramines if necessary.

The wastewater plant is a Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) treatment facility with a 4.27 million gallon per day (MGD) maximum wet weather flow design: mechanical screening, grit removal, 4 SBR basins, 2 aerobic digestors, sludge holding basin, 3.6 million storm water flow equalizing (EQ) basin and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection. The treatment plant receives domestic waste from the City of Clarinda and one significant industrial user (SIU).

Past/Current Obstacles:

  • Ongoing facility upgrades
  • 80-year-old water treatment facility
  • 70-year-old wastewater treatment facility
  • Tightening government regulations
  • Aging infrastructure


  • Implemented chlorine dioxide system
  • Met LT1 and Stage 1 and 2 D/DBP rules
  • Wastewater plant upgrade
  • Wastewater plant lab certification
  • 27 MGD wastewater plant lab certification
  • Assisted with the design and construction of new 2.4 MGD surface water plant
  • Assisted with the design and construction of new 4.27 MGD wastewater plant

Project Summary:

This project began as a wastewater treatment and collections contract in 1993. The city was experiencing difficulties in meeting State regulations and hired PeopleService to correct the problem. The water plant came online in 1995 when the city lost its water superintendent and did not have a properly certified person to run the system. Since 1995, the town has operated with 5 PeopleService employees to operate and maintain the water and wastewater treatment facilities plus the collections and distribution systems. In 1996-97, we oversaw the wastewater plant upgrade to its current capacity. In 2000, the wastewater lab became certified and continues to receive high marks for its quality and procedural controls. In 2004, PeopleService helped with the planning and design processes for a new 2.4 MGD water treatment plant. PeopleService also assisted with planning, designing and overseeing the construction of the new 4.27 MGD wastewater treatment plant. The city continues to rely on PeopleService for all its wastewater and water needs and we have developed a partnership that is beneficial to both parties.

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