Alan Meyer of PeopleService Leaves Large Legacy in the Water/Wastewater Industry

Omaha, NE>> PeopleService announced today that Chairman and CEO Alan F. Meyer passed away on March 14. Al held several positions during his career yet always pursued his goal of owning his own company. He worked for National Gypsum and Pan O’ Gold Bakery in Fort Dodge, Iowa, as well as Northern Natural Gas, Northern Coal Company, Vic’s Popcorn and People’s Natural Gas, out of which PeopleService was born. Earning hundreds of customers in four states over 32 years, PeopleService was not just a business to Al, it was his family – and the industry his passion.

He knew that safe, clean, water and wastewater drives a community’s growth and he felt privileged to serve as a custodian of these largely “invisible” systems. Al often said, “If we are doing our job right, no one will know it.”

“My father believed that the best way to look after customers was to look after his employees,” said Chad Meyer, President of the company. “He supported the development of our company’s safety and education programs and he advocated for helping people become interested in the industry to feed enthusiastic, knowledgeable talent into the pipeline. That’s a key reason we partner with community colleges to support enrollment in their water management programs.”

Al Meyer lived his entrepreneurial dream running PeopleService and left a large legacy by doing it so well. He will he missed.

About PeopleService

For over thirty years, PeopleService has been contracting with cities, districts, towns and municipalities to provide expertise in the field of water and wastewater management, maintenance and operations. Communities, their staffs and city managers turn to PeopleService for help managing water/wastewater issues resulting from aging infrastructure, aging populations, the inability to find and retain licensed operators, heightened regulations imposed by the EPA, MPCA, DNR, DEQ and other regulatory agencies. PeopleService helps communities maintain budgets, attain cost efficiencies, build for the future and keep their plants and facilities running safely and effectively. The company operates in Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, and Nebraska.