Entry-level Water/Wastewater Operator – Missouri Valley, IA

Accepting applications for a certified water, wastewater or distribution licensed operator OR a strong mechanically-minded individual to work in Missouri Valley Hub.

Missouri Valley is a Grade II water system comprised of 3 production wells while the wastewater is made up of lagoons.  Distribution, collections and meter reading are a requirement of the job.  The Missouri Valley Hub will be stationed at Missouri Valley but will provide assistance to other surrounding contracts.

Some of the duties include:

  • Manage a system of machines often through the use of control boards to transfer or treat water or wastewater by adding chemicals to disinfect water.
  • Inspect, maintain and repair equipment to ensure proper operation – such as blowers and pumps.
  • Monitor gauges and meters and accurately report readings.
  • Accurately read utility water meters, perform turn-ons/turn-offs as directed.
  • Repair sewer and water lines, which may including using hand tools to dig, shore up and various plumbing-type hand tools to repair pipe.


  • HS diploma or equivalent.
  • Water, Wastewater or distribution certification help but not required at time of hire.
  • Able to perform math calculations using fractions and problem-solving.
  • Strong mechanical aptitude to repair related equipment.
  • Valid driver’s license to operate company vehicle.
  • Required to live within a 10-30 minute response time.
  • Ability to be on-call for a 7-day period including weekends based on a 3-person rotating schedule.
  • Able to respond to after-hour emergencies.
  • Attendance and punctuality are essential to this position.
  • Must possess excellent communication skills, both in oral and written form, to provide professional and courteous customer service.
  • Must be comfortable working in confined spaces, around chemicals, in various heights and terrain, around unpleasant odors and in all weather conditions.